Specialised clutch repairs and fittings in Perth

Your manual clutch works hard to give you a comfortable drive. However, with typical use over time, it will eventually wear out. If you have trouble selecting gears or the gear box is slipping, it may be time for a clutch replacement.
man driving manual car
bad clutch
A bad clutch can ruin your transmission and make your car un-drivable. Driving with a damaged clutch is extremely harmful to the gearbox and repairs can be pricy. Not to mention any other damage that can result from a poor gearbox. It is important to take care of clutch problems right away to avoid further damage to your car. 

At Perth Gearbox Differential & Clutch Center, we offer quick and efficient clutch fitting. We use only the highest quality parts for repairs that you can rely on. We work on all types including:

  • Standard clutches
  • Heavy duty clutches
  • Performance clutches
  • Twin clutches
  • We keep all popular makes and models in stock.

Let our experienced staff repair or replace your clutch work to keep your transmission running efficiently. Contact us today for a free quote!

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