Specialised power steering repairs in Perth

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Does your car moan or whine when you turn the wheel? Is it getting harder to operate? You probably need your power steering checked. A leak in the power steering can minimize your car’s handling ability affecting your safety. Don’t risk your safety, or the safety of loved ones. 

Contact us today and get your power steering fixed as soon as possible.
Whether your problem is with the steering rack, pump, or a fluid leak, our highly trained staff can diagnose and fix the problem so you’ll have a smooth and – more importantly – safe ride.
Our complete inspection includes:
  • Checking the power steering pump
  • Checking for fluid leaks
  • Adding fluid or bleeding the system if needed
  • Inspecting the power steering belt and reservoir
  • Inspecting the rack and pinion system
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Here at Perth Gearbox Differential & Clutch Centre, we pride ourselves on providing reliable repairs with a quick turnaround. We back all our repair work with a guarantee. We even offer a vehicle to loan so you can continue living your life while yours is being repaired. Visit our shop in Rivervale or contact us today for a free quote.
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